This rocket is from the movie Battle in Outer Space a sequeal of a RKO distribution called The Mysterians. Lacking information it was labeled FFE as that was the only markings visable in the picture above. Having viewed the film the name SPIP [plus a number] is the correct designation.


The Silver Moon body looked to be a close proximate of this but I realize from the video it is actually a cylinder with conic [secant ogee?] nosecone and boatail sections. None the less it is still a cool design so it will remain as the FFE.



Lift off!

And away to deal with the Bad Guys


A few changes had to be made to insure flyability. It has the same interchangable

motor cartridge system as the rest of the line.



Height: 29.5 ins

Dia: 3.9 ins.

Weight: ~400 gm [no motor cartridge]