Tellurian Scimitar

The Scimitar is the first ballistic body [foam] to fly on an HPR motor. In this case it was a CAR level one attempt using a Cesaroni Pro 38 265H110-13a and that long winded name is the only thing wrong with the motor. Most refer to it as the 2 grain motor. I was quite impressed with it's ease of use and performance. The flight itself was near perfect with the only deviation being that it substantially exceeded predicted altitude. [Rocksim 4] However the rocket was lost, having landed God knows where, because of what appears to be a high altitude wind shear. The parachute deployed perfectly but we lost sight of it perhaps 2 kilometers down range and still near deployment ` altitude as it moved toward the sun.

None the less I consider the flight a success in that this line of rockets has flown on C5-3 clusters right up to a HPR H motor with out any changes.

I certified level one [CAR] with an H110-10 at Blazing Archer with Scimitar #2 Sept. 4/01 and then immediately flew it on a cluster of 3 C6-3s 8-)


This is #2 level 1 shot with a H110, no I didn't blink. What's Cesaroni putting in those motors these days?

#2 flying the same day on 3 C6-3s after recovery from the level 1 shot.



Height: 32 inches

Dia: 3.9 inches

Weight: ~400 grams empty [ no motor cartridge ]


The results below are approximates only. Your results will vary dependent on finished weight, quality of finish, environmental conditions at the time of launch etc.

Mount Type
Altitude [approximate]
3 18mm 3xC5-3
3 18mm 3xC6-3
1 24mm E15-4
1 24mm E30-4
1 29mm F25-4
1 29mm F50-6
1 29mm G40-4
1 29mm G80-7 ....[not tested]
1 38mm G60-9 ....[not tested]
1 38mm H73J-10 ....[not tested]
1 38mm H110-10....[certified level one !!]
1 38mm H123W-10 ...[not tested]

[yes all these motors will fit in this rocket!]