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Silver Rockets

Back in the 50's when I was growing up I fell in love with the starships of the TV serials. I have decided to recreate some of these as model rockets and relive some of the innocent excitement of the mystique they engendered. Please note: These rockets are not exact scale copies! Not a single curve, line, angle, or configuration is an exact copy and is not intended to be. If something is, it is only coincidental and not intentional as only the style is being reproduced.

Construction of these models is of foam and cardboard with the usual balsa or ply fins. A BT 60 with a foam overcoat in the shape desired. The foam adds a tremendous amount of stiffness to the tube so the tube can be of the lightweight cardboard type rather than heavy cardboard or phenolic. The outer body will have a FRP or other plastic shell to help with point impact damage but please note these should not be handled roughly. I plan to offer these as custom order type kits. The kit will contain 1 Ballistic Body, [foam] an appropriate nose cone, fin material and small items. Assembly, glue, paint, are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Current Availability

Murphy's Law has struck Silver Rockets for the time being. However I'm still looking at finding better and less expensive methods to manufacture these beauties.

  Retro Starships

Silver Moon/Orbit Jet from the Rocky Jones Space Rangers

Silverhawke Space Ranger Transport [well sort of]

FFE From Battle in Outer Space


Herculon ship: from the Rocky Jones series

Ceolanta's flagship: from the Rocky Jones series

Telluna Sistership to the Luna from Destination Moon

Rocket RM1from Abbott & Costello go to Mars

Terra 4

Terra 5

Corbett's Polaris * new material added form 50s comics courtesy Bo Larson

Rod Brown *new material added courtesy of Bo Larson

Flight to Mars/Terror rocket

Space Arc [When Worlds Collide]

The Canada [from Mission Moonbase PS: The Canada is the #3 shown is the Mexico #63]

Cosmostrater First Spaceship on Venus

Tellurian Designs

Some are real others are based on real rockets and some are simply in the style of the early rockets.

Ballistic Bertha

Scimitar H power flight

Silver Lirdie a modern impression of the Rasumov-Shtern LRD-D1


RC Rocket Gliders coming soon!

X15 Cruise Bassalope [* NOT one of mine]


If you have any old pictures of starships from the dawn of the space age please feel free to send them to me!


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